SCSC's regular training nights are Tuesdays and Thursday evenings from approximately 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM. There will be times, often during the summer months, that the LBPOA will be using their field on our regularly scheduled nights. This is unavoidable. If you would like to confirm that there will be training contact OUR TRAINING DIRECTOR. When weather conditions are wet we will normally not do protection training. Obedience is always encouraged even in less desirable conditions.

Since it is a privilege to have the use of this training location, we are always respectful of the grounds and surrounding area. Please, always clean up after your dog uses the parking lot area for elimination purposes. Do not allow your dog to relieve itself on the training field or in the clubhouse area ever!

SCSC asks that all dogs be handled appropriately. It is important that all dogs be crated or secured properly at all times. No dogs are to be in the picnic table seating area or tied out unless specific arrangements have been made in advance with the Training Director.

Please dispose of all trash in big containers outside the training field and not in the trash cans in the clubhouse area. And, for those that smoke, please dispose of cigarette butts off the training field area.

We encourage you to review a complete set of our Field Rules in .pdf format.
Be aware of the wildlife roaming the training area. Since the El Dorado Nature Center is connected to El Dorado Park, it is not unusual to see skunks, opossums, wild cats, mice, etc. even in the bathrooms.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask any member.
Thank you for your interest in our club! We look forward to training with you and your dog.

Revised 8/13/09