Standing (Field) Rules
As approved 4/7/09


The Southern California Schutzhund Club is a club for dog trainers who wish to share training ideas and pursue competition goals with dogs of all breeds and proficiency levels.

  • To encourage and promote the training of working dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection
  • To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of the breeds by encouraging sportsman-like competition at trials and shows
  • To conduct trials under the rules of the National and/or International organization involved


Current Members
Dues are paid
+ Proof of rabies vaccination for dogs in training
+ Signed Waiver
+ Note: It is up to each member to carry personal liability insurance - it is strongly suggested!

Probationary Members

+ Dues are paid
+ Proof of rabies vaccination for dogs in training
+ Signed Waiver
+ Properly submitted Membership Application with two club sponsors (It is strongly recommended that at least one sponsor be in attendance for all training sessions during the minimum 90-day probationary period and until voting for membership status can occur.)

Approved Guests
+ Training Director is notified in advance - Guest attendance, fees and field availability is at the discretion of the TD - Guests should check in when they arrive
+ Signed Waiver acknowledging current rabies vaccination for dogs in training
+ Guest Donation of $15 required for use of the field (payable to SCSC*)
---- Guest Donation request is waived for first 3 training sessions
---- Guest Donation request is waived for 2 weeks prior to an upcoming SCSC trial for those trainers preparing to compete
----Guest Donation request is waived for "Guest Helpers"
---- Guests may work up to 2 dogs per session
---- Guests may work their dogs after members or when time allows

- We welcome visitors who are interested in learning more about the sport of Schutzhund - there is no limit on how often one may attend training as a Spectator
---- Training Director is notified in advance
---- Signed Waiver
---- Spectators must remain in the seating area

*Note: Please talk directly with the Helper/Decoy regarding any other fees or charges

Everyone attending a training session shall sign-in in the Training binder/notebook. This will be a record used to calculate attendance and member status.


1. Adherence to the "Golden Rule" will apply during all training sessions (Treat others as you would like to be treated.)
2. No cigarette "butts" shall be dropped on the field or spectator areas
3. All dog droppings shall be picked up
4. Handlers should not allow animal(s) to eliminate on the field
5. One dog on the field at one time per handler
6. Each Handler may work a total of 2 dogs in any training session - more than 2 is at the discretion of the TD and must be approved
7. Dogs who are trained by handlers other than their owner must have the owner present during the Protection phase of training. Proof of Rabies and a waiver must be on file, signed by the owner, for all dogs present during training. Note: A current rabies tag is sufficient proof.
8. Please take turns - people who have arrived earlier may still be waiting to work a dog
9. Members shall always be aware of other handlers and their animals at all times
10. All dogs must be on leash except when working
11. All dogs not being worked must be left in properly ventilated vehicles or in secured crates next to their vehicle. Adequate water must be provided.
12. No dogs shall be allowed in the "spectator" area during protection training, except at the discretion of the TD
13. Any dogs on a "tie out" shall be clearly marked and properly secured
14. During the "obedience period" no dogs shall be agitated on the training field
15. Excessive use of force, or any abusive manner during the training sessions or trials, will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. If you have a problem, please allow us to help you solve it with a correct training method.
16. Handlers have the final say on the training method used on their dog
17. It is recommended that everyone pay attention during training sessions - all of us can learn by watching others and oftentimes observations can be helpful for the handler on the field
18. Guests may work their dogs after members, or when time allows, at the discretion of the TD
19. Only club authorized "Helpers" may decoy dogs or puppies on the training field
20. "Helpers" may work their own dogs when it is best to facilitate training and at the discretion of the TD
21. "Guest Helpers" must be approved by the Training Director
22. A training list may be maintained in the spectator area to aid scheduling for those desiring Helper assistance
23. No one shall sign-in another person in the Sign-in book
24. Any person requesting a temperament test for their dog will do so at the end of any training session or at the discretion of the "Helper" and TD
25. Children of non-members under the age of 12 are not allowed on the training field. All children must be under the control of their parents at all times.
26. All members shall be responsible for assisting in equipment set-up and removal after training sessions
27. No firearms or other weapons are allowed on the training field or at meetings except the club's "starter pistol"
28. No alcoholic beverages or drugs of any type will be allowed at any time in the park/training field (Per Long Beach Police Dept.)
29. All trash must be deposited in the green dumpsters! (Per LBPOA - too much temptation for local wildlife!)


Training is provided for members on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise noted.*
The training field is usually open at 7:30pm with obedience available until protection work starts.
(*Field availability is determined through LBPOA. On rare occasions we may not learn of a conflict until we arrive at the field. We will do everything possible to alert all members and guests of conflicts as early as possible. Field times may vary, depending upon the time of year. Please be sure we have your current contact information.)


The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint a "Training Committee" who will be responsible for overseeing training sessions. This committee will consist of 3 club members in good standing with the committee chairperson considered the "Training Director." The committee may make Standing Rule recommendations for the Board of Directors to vote upon. The committee is responsible for making decisions during training sessions if Board Approval is not possible in advance. In the absence of the TD, the Training Committee will assume responsibility for training sessions.


Club correspondence and notifications will be communicated primarily via email. It is your responsibility to be sure we have your current contact information. If you do not have email access, please let us know and we can use other communication methods.

These Standing Rules may be amended by the Board of Directors per the By-Laws of the Southern California Schutzhund Club

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Revised 8/14/09