About SCSC

Southern California Schutzhund Club(SCSC) was one of the first Schutzhund clubs to be organized in Southern California. Although SCSC is our official name, we are often referred to as the "Long Beach Schutzhund Club" because we use the LBPOA field in Long Beach to train.

We feel fortunate to have a wealth of training knowledge within our membership. When you train with us, you will be working with people who have years of experience training Schutzhund-style tracking, obedience and protection as well as other dog sports. Our training methods are eclectic, with emphasis placed on positively motivating our dogs.  Because our club includes both members skilled in competition and those new to the sport, we feel we have a healthy, active mix. This keeps things interesting, and hey, we have a lot of fun! Most importantly, we view safety and Responsible Dog Ownership as priority #1.

SCSC encourages any individual to observe our training sessions. You do not need to be a member in order to watch, but will be asked to sign a waiver, as any type of dog training holds certain risk factors. Please contact OUR TRAINING DIRECTOR. for more information.

Anyone can apply for membership but we do ask that you consider that this sport requires a commitment of consistent training. We suggest you leave your dog at home the first time you visit. This allows for concentrated observation and time for questions. When you return a second time, your dog(s) can be evaluated by our Training Director and one of our helpers. We will ask you to show  proof of rabies vaccinations. Please make arrangements with the TD prior to the evaluation.

After the evaluation, if you decide you would like to go forward with membership, you will be given a membership packet. If you haven't downloaded them already, you will be given a copy of our constitution and bylaws, which should be read before you make the decision to join. The application for membership, a non-refundable $50 application fee along with membership dues of $300 for the year should be given to the Membership Committee Chair. You will also need two sponsors. These must be members in good standing who will assume responsibility for your progress. While you are on probation as a new member, your sponsor should be present at your training sessions, unless arrangements have been made for another member to stand in. You must attend 75% of all scheduled training sessions to be considered for membership. We recommend you take some time to get to know our clubmembers in order to determine who might be good sponsors for you and your dog.


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